A list of adaptations that help me safeguard against preventable traumatic events

Own your identity.
Love yourself unconditionally.
Take full responsibility for your well-being.
Accept your own beauty.
Always be kind.

Do one thing at a time.
Do the right thing.
Do the thing right.

What you want matters.
Let other people own their perspectives.
Take refuge in impermanence.
You’re not broken.
You’re not alone.

Keep boundaries between downtime and social time.
Keep boundaries between personal and professional time.
Stay close with curious, kind, honest, compassionate people.
Nurture, grow, and support your intentional family.
You are surrounded by people who love you.

Limit contact with those with those who keep poor boundaries.
Limit contact with those who choose to invalidate your identity.
Maintain boundaries around anything that affects your body.
Maintain boundaries against violence.

Critically examine everything, hold fast to the good.
Question any teaching that can be used for social control.
Respect any authority that can affect you.
Hold what you love with both hands.
Seek truth and speak it clearly.

Written by Danne Stayskal on 2018-07-15