Autism Resources

Autism is a spectrum disorder that affect every aspect of life for those of us who live with it. It's not a disease to be cured, rather it's a set of cognitive traits that have a lot in common with each other and bring unique perspectives and challenges to life. We're different—not broken. This article describes some of my history with autism and savant syndrome and offers some guidance on having a happy, productive life with these traits.

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Envisioning Synaesthesia

Synaesthesia is a genetic condition that causes me to see sound and hear light. It also causes me to work with math, language, and music as patterns of colors that interact in predictable ways. This is the essay form of the talk I gave at TEDxSalem on this, as well as a demonstration of a performance of classical music on a guitar that demonstrates what the music looks like to me.

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Everyone is Connected

Measuring Social Geometry with Graph Databases

Social Geometry is a system of theory developed by Dr. Black that measures and accounts for different social behaviors. He suggests directly-measurable components of location, distance, and direction. Some of these can be measured or estimated directly: on wealth, demographic, age, language ability, or any other form of social indicator for which data is available. In many cases, though, these data aren’t directly available, and must be approximated through other means.

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Mutant Superpowers

Synesthesia is a genetic condition of unknown cause in which a stimulus of one sense causes an involuntary added perception in one or more other senses, a 'neuro-sensory cross-wiring'. My variant of synesthesia causes the interplay of colors, shapes and sounds. I see sound, hear light, and read and do math in colors.

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One Thousand Points of Light

One Thousand Points of Light is an experiment in textured, familiar, impermanent stories of the senses. These stories create a tapestry of thousands of experiences that shares ephemeral beauty with those around me, reminding us all of the light we carry.

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Open Craft

Thanks to Open Source Software, I didn't have to write the majority of the software that runs this site, my servers, or my home technology. Tools such as Ruby, Ubuntu, Firefox, GnuPG, Linux, and the GNU toolset help me keep my digital world running smoothly day in and day out. This essay covers how to make these tools work for you.

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Patterns of Winter

A poem

I want to dream in satellites,
in technicolor echoes of
antennas quiet pulse of flight,
with superphonic clouds above.

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Trauma Resources

Prolonged and extreme periods of helplessness can be traumatic. This is an in-depth snapshot of the techniques that have worked for me to survive and recover from traumatic experiences. I share them here in the hope they can help you with any nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, trembling, stuttering, depression, numbness, depersonalization, and derealization you might be experiencing.

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You Don't Need Permission

To Encrypt Your Data and Communicate Securely

I recently presented a talk on some good ways to use cryptography to improve your life, using some of my activism to illustrate its functionality. This is the essay form of that talk.

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Your Data Can Improve Your Life

I've developed a few tools and spreadsheets to help manage my life and its data. These can help with life decisions or sort out complicated feelings on a subject. These can make it easier to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

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