Music Drives

Load your USB keychain drives with your music with one command.

python [genre_key]


$ python techno
Building techno USB drives...
Using index found in /Users/linenoise/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 
Parsing Native Instruments XML...
Indexing Traktor metadata...
Calculating necessary USB drive size...
   16674904 bytes
Finding available USB drives with enough free space that linenoise can 
write to...
   Using /Volumes/LINENOISE C
   Using /Volumes/LINENOISE D
Copying tracks to /Volumes/LINENOISE C...
/Volumes/LINENOISE C/(05m,133) Absorbed - Intrude (Original Mix).flac


If you have Traktor running and can't see updates you've made in your NML file, right click on "Track Collection" and click on "Save Collection".

You'll need to install Element Tree first through pip install elementtree


Download the latest Music Drives

The documentation and source code for Music Drives are available on Github.