Danne Huffaker software

Danne Stayskal got married and is now Danne Huffaker!

Redirecting to this page on her new site, https://danne.huffaker.us/software/

Arduino Sketchbooks

This is a copy of every program I've developed and released for the Arduino microcontroller platform.


A free asemic Markov-chained symmetric steganographic engine, this lets you embed one piece of information within another to bypass content filters in places where free speech isn't recognized as a human right.

Associative Memory

This is a ruby gem that lets you implement neural network-driven categorization systems with ease.


A collection of my UNIX dotfiles, or configuration files that are shared between hosts, and the tools I use to manage them


This is an Arduino library that implements a fast cross-fader and pixel buffer for use with LED lighting strips.

Music Drives

This is a tool to load USB keychains with all of a specified genre of music from Traktor for use with CDJ equipment.

Nagios Plugins

These are free tools to help manage your network server's daemons and resources. These include tests for apache, memory allocation, process tables, the network stack, open files, and swap space.

One thousand points of light

The source code that runs the experimental writing community at http://onethousandpointsoflight.com/

Static Sites

These are a few static site generators I use to manage some of my projects, including this site and my electronic music site.


The following applications are here for reference purposes only and are no longer active maintained.


Infoshop is a set of tools for creating and maintaining a lightweight web interface to a PDF archive. This allows you to organize and present an archive of data over a lightweight web interface.


A neural network modeling environment to demonstrate propagative effects on connectivist models of human behavior and cognition, Sevenn is a free client-server tool to explore basic neural networks.


Have you heard of Synaesthesia? It's a genetic trait in some people that causes their senses to cross. This application demonstrates what it's like on a day-to-day basis for me to see sound and hear light.